Signing Up

When will your services be available?

Our family management services will launch in Fall 2019 as a beta program in the Northeast. Message us to be part of the program. Our full services (family management and sitter finder) will launch in Fall 2020. Connect with us on social media for more updates.


Are only female caregivers allowed to sign up?

Absolutely not! We warmly welcome “manny’s” (male-nannies) to join our community and start providing better care.

Can I find caregivers with experience in special needs care, foreign language, or medicinal attention?

Yes. We offer a wide array of caregivers with different backgrounds and experiences to provide your family with the best care.


What types of training are available?

Our preliminary training covers all the basics on what care giving or care hiring might entail. We also offer secondary training on specialized care such as special needs care and medicinal attention.

How long does training take?

Our video training tutorials for caregivers and parents take approximately 15-45 minutes to complete.

How long will it take me to find a caregiver/ family to work for after training?

After you complete our training tutorials which take approximately 15-45 minutes, you can immediately begin connecting with mutual friends in your network in Fall 2020.


Is my personal or family information protected in reviews?

Both reviews for caregivers and parents are screened and use a rating scale to ensure that harmful or misleading language is filtered,

Can other parents access my family’s parent review?

No. Only caregivers can access parents reviews.

Why parents reviews? No other child care site has that.

Caregivers want to know just as much about the family they’re going to care for as parents want to know about caregivers. Reviews for both help to ensure best matches and more reliable child care services for everyone.

Mutual Friends

What if I can’t find the right caregiver/ family in my network?

Though mutual friend connections are prioritized, you can access caregivers and families outside of your personal networks who live nearby.


What if I have a question about something that I can’t find on the blog or newsletter?

Let us know! Message us on our social networks about any issues, ideas, or other inquiries you might have about in-home child care. We’re here for you.


How can I apply for a scholarship?

Sitters that engage with our blog and activities can increase their profile ratings from Sincere Sitter to Star Sitter and Superstar Sitter. Superstar Sitters can then compete for $500 scholarships by submitting an essay on how they provide better care. Check the app and our social networks for scholarships applications.

Free Trial

How long does my free trial last and what does it offer?

One-month free trials are available for a sneak peek into what caregivers and families are available in your network. Though users will have to sign up to connect with that network after training.